What is Job Loss Protection?

Americans anxiously await the gradual recovery of a crumbling economy. The number one reason people fail to meet their financial obligations is the loss of income…the loss of their job.

Mortgage Payment Protection, Inc. proudly offers a layer of protection against loss of income due to involuntary unemployment. We make up to six payments directly to the servicer or Policyholder if their customers become involuntarily unemployed.

Protect the financial stability of your business!

Generate more sales by including job loss protection with your products or services. Chances are that consumers would be less pessimistic when considering purchases if they felt more secure in knowing that they would not default in payments if they lost their job. Job loss protection eliminates buyer objections regarding a weak employment climate. Job Loss Protection Adds Consumer Confidence!

Furthermore, job loss protection provides you and your investors the additional security to diminish loan delinquency and default costs that would otherwise compromise cash flow, and affect the long-term security of your business.