Frequently Asked Questions

Q• How does MortgageGuardian benefit our company?

A• MortgageGuardian is designed to provide a layer of protection against delinquent payments due to involuntary economic loss of employment income which could threaten the overall security of an investment portfolio. It promotes access to credit by increasing the liquidity of investments and improving the distribution of investment capital. Also, delinquencies may be minimized, legal costs lowered, work-outs avoided, and cash flow less compromised.

Q• What is the best way to explain MortgageGuardian to our customers?

A• Simply by saying “As a benefit of our product/services we are including Job Loss Protection! That means that your monthly obligation may be paid should you become involuntarily unemployed!”

Q• Can we select which accounts we provide MortgageGuardian to?

A• In today’s unemployment market, we suggest that everyone that’s eligible get job loss protection! However, you may segment your accounts. But, all accounts that are part of the identified segment would receive MortgageGuardian.

Q• How can my company sign up for MortgageGuardian?

A• Contact our office for more information. You may be able to start providing MortgageGuardian with your products within a few weeks.

Q• How do we submit our accounts for MortgageGuardian?

A• The monthly reporting is simple and no sensitive account information is collected. Furthermore, there is no up-front underwriting required from your part.