Property Products

• Property Mortgages (first, second, HELOCS, etc.)

• Timeshare/Vacation Homes

• Residential Rental/Multi-family Apartment homes

• Manufactured Homes

• Rent Payment Protection


Mortgages/ Timeshares/ Vacation Homes/ Manufactured Homes

Whether buying a home or refinancing an existing loan, it is a decision that can require a significant personal and financial commitment. MortgageGuardian can differentiate your loan products in a weak economy. As many borrowers choose to remain vigilant and conservative, you can give them the confidence to move forward with their purchase of a lifetime.

Rental Properties/ Multi-Family Communities

MortgageGuardian can supply financial protection for you and your tenants. Mortgage Payment Protection, Inc. offers a product that may pay the monthly rent, up to a maximum benefit amount, in cases where your tenants become involuntarily unemployed. Increase interest in your rental properties by including MortgageGuardian.