Why MortgageGuardian?

LOAN ORIGINATION – MortgageGuardian is an attractive value-added marketing tool that will assist your retail loan officers. Realtors and Builders are also drawn to lenders who can add value to their sale.

It adds ‘Consumer Confidence’!

SECONDARY MARKET – MortgageGuardian is a valuable Credit Enhancement product for Investors. A layer of protection provides additional security to a very real threat… delinquent payments due to loss of employment income which could threaten the overall security of the portfolio.

SERVICING - MortgageGuardian is an essential Risk Management and Loss Mitigation vehicle where delinquencies are minimized, legal costs lowered, work-outs avoided, and cash flow is less compromised. Servicers with large percentages of theirs loans with this protection should explore the possibility of lowering loan reserves.

As a credit enhancement, MortgageGuardian adds a layer of security to insure that portfolios with product depth continue to perform by providing payments to the servicer/investor if the accountholder becomes involuntarily unemployed. As a loss mitigation tool, MortgageGuardian can sharply lower delinquency and default costs associated with loan curing and workouts.